2017 White West – Album Vinyl •

It’s been breathing in the walls. Crawling through the floorboards. Undone, unleashed: a dark spectre, haunting your semi-slumber.
Wake up … the world is still in disarray. A glaring white void and you can smell the distant fires. You feel the pain travelling through your bones. The bubbles in your drink. The money in the bank. The meat on your plate.
Here we are — divided! No joy, no cure. Lose that pathetic smile! And put your make-up on.
This is the White West.
(White West 2018)

Die erste Produktion im neuen Salon Berlin, von der Band live eingespielt und gemischt auf dem neuen ADT M87 Pult.

Reimar Servas: Gesang, Bass
Tim Knillmann – Gitarre, Gesang
Sebastian Lörsch – Keyboards, Gesang
Arnold Erben – Schlagzeug, Gesang
Tonmeister und Produzent – Christian Mevs

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